Charlotte’s Heart: Features, Resources, and Connectivity

Charlotte Cole is a writer and speaker whose passion is to draw all women towards the transforming power of God’s unconditional love. Infusing the Word of God into the world we live in, Charlotte desires to see women set free from the bondage of lies, unmet expectations and lost dreams. In 2007 Charlotte founded Charlotte’s Heart, a speaking and writing ministry that reaches women worldwide with messages of hope, personal value and practical solutions for parenting, marriage, self-worth, and closeness with God.

Charlotte’s Blog is updated frequently and is provided to share with you many ideas, precepts, and solutions relative to helping you attain true purpose and ultimate fulfillment. Charlotte’s Blog feature four (4) specific areas of ministry: (1) Cancer; (2) Marriage; (3) Parenting; and (4) Personal Growth. You are encouraged to stay connected daily as Charlotte shares God-inspired life’s experiences straight from her heart. Please feel free to share Charlotte’s Blog with your close friends and family.

Charlotte is dedicated to you and to your walk with our Lord, God through Christ Jesus. She has prepared this exclusive web platform to serve you. Filled with daily peace, comfort, joy, love, safety, acceptance, and purpose, Charlotte’s Heart is available 24/7.

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